A new potentially multi-million dollar class action lawsuit against disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein alleges his attorneys "used deceptive tactics" to get video footage which reportedly shows Weinstein sexually harassing a woman he also allegedly raped in a Manhattan hotel room.

The suit, filed in the Southern District of New York, (read it in full from Deadline here) also cites the RICO Act – accusing the defendants, basically, of acting like a "corrupt organization" under the law which is normally used against organized crime. None of Weinstein’s lawyers are named as defendants but Harvey, his brother Bob Weinstein, the now sold The Weinstein Company, Miramax, and even The Walt Disney Company are all named as complicit in Harvey's years of misdeeds.    

The suit says the following, as related to one of the plaintiffs, Melissa Thompson, "In October 2017, Weinstein's attorneys, Benjamin Brafman and Alex Spiro, used deceptive tactics to cause her (Ms. Thompson) to believe that Brafman and Spiro were working for the victims in order to entice her to turn over her visual and audio evidence of Weinstein's actions (which she did)."

It goes on, "She did not learn that Brafman was actually Weinstein's attorney until after turning over the evidence in her possession, causing her credible fear for her safety, severe emotional distress, and injury to her business and property."  

Brafman says, “This firm has never represented Melissa Thompson and I personally never met with her or any of the other women named in the lawsuit.”

In addition to his New York criminal indictments and possible criminal charges in federal court, Los Angeles, and London, Weinstein has roughly a dozen lawsuits from about 80 women accusing him of some sort of sexual misdeed, hanging over his head.

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