Roughly a year-and-a-half after the release of his most successful film to date - The Grand Budapest Hotel - news of director Wes Anderson's newest project has apparently come to light.

According to Indiewire, Anderson's ninth full-length feature film will be a stop-motion animated feature, centered around dog characters. It wouldn't be Anderson's first venture into the animation style, however. In 2009, the Houston native released Fantastic Mr. Fox, which will reportedly be the style used for the upcoming untitled film, which is yet to be officially confirmed.

The report indicates the Anderson revealed the film would be inspired by Italian filmmaker Vittorio De Sica, divided into episodes like De Sica's project The Gold of Naples. "Sources close to the project confirmed the animated dog film and the gestating," the report reads, "still-just-an-idea vignettes movie are actually two different concepts."

Stay tuned for more updates.