The sweet sounds and smells of summer is a seemingly ageless adage. It brings to memory the end of school, the beginning of shorts, hikes to the lake, and the never-ending sun eclipsing the skyline. But, as far as a saying goes, the sounds of summer is meant to make sense of time, but not the literal sounds. So, what are those sounds?

Madrid-based film production and music design studio Fragmento Universo sought out the find those unique sounds in its newest project Stuff that Sounds like Summer. Shot in front of a changing pastel panel, the filmmakers play with colourful individual elements like a fan, lemonade, and a fishbowl, among dozens of other items, alternating hand placement and capturing the sounds with only the same microphone.

These sounds of summer might not be the memories you so affectionately hold dear, but for many it does capture the simplicity of it all. Watch the video in full below.