Fans of Wes Anderson's beloved films won't be shocked or reminiscent to admit, yes, his movies are very, very white. Despite his justified critical acclaim, the one thing seemingly dragging Anderson's choices thus far into his career has been his casting, which is decidedly white.

In an interview on The View, stars of the new movie The Overnight Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott made an appearance, with host Whoopi Goldberg taking a harmless opportunity to possibly jab at Anderson. "So I noticed there's not a lot of folks of color," (in accent) she says to Schwartzman, who's been Anderson's go-to man since Rushmore. "And I thought, I would like to give you my résumé to give to Wes Anderson. That's to let him know I'm available."

"Let me tell you one thing," Schwartzman says, "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, and I'm sure a lot of people tell you this, but to me, you mean an awful lot because you are an incredible person who has given me so many things to be excited about and interested in and fascinated by, so thank you, for all of your work, truly."

It's more of a polite jab than anything else, but Goldberg certainly has a point. Anderson has yet to announce the anticipated follow-up to his Oscar nominated Grand Budapest Hotel, released last year.