Welcome to Why Is Kevin Spacey A Cat? Week, a celebration of the film Nine Lives, being released this Wednesday. A celebration and yet also a pondering because, really, why is Kevin Spacey a cat?


It's been a whirlwind week of cats and animal movies and Kevin Spacey and I can't believe it's almost over. Some people are wishing it could last longer. Okay, nobody but me is wishing it could last longer. But also, something this beautiful is only meant to exist for a short amount of time, lest we all start to take it for granted.

Like movie cats. We couldn't have a celebration of Nine Lives without devoting some time to the other amazing movie cats out there. People always go on about dogs in movies but, really, it's about the cats. They are the superior movie animal and deserve to be celebrated. Get outta here, dogs. I have to be honest, this was a tough list to put together. I already mentioned Sassy in my Talking Animals blog, who is the Queen of all the Movie Cats, forever amen. But should I include animated cats? Cats that are only in a film for a couple of scenes? What about TV cats because Salem is everything. In the end I decided to focus on cats that were a) real and b) a major part of the film. (I STILL LOVE YOU CROOKSHANKS.)


This movie is about a talking cat named Duffy. A talking cat voiced by Eric Roberts. Do I need to describe it any more than that? I don't know if I could, to be honest. It's about a talking cat who can only talk to humans once because it's the rules and a man who can't make waffles and learning how to talk to girls and did I mention the talking cat? It's voiced by Eric Roberts. It is imperative that you remember that. The trailer is linked in the movie title above. Watch it, marvel at it, and then find and watch the entire movie.

D.C. - THAT DARN CAT (1997)

A friend of mine was asking me what would make a good double feature with Nine Lives and even though the cat doesn't talk in this one, I think they're on the same wavelength in the "animal movie" genre. Also they might be the same breed of cat? So there we go, I have your weekend plans sorted: a trip to the cinema for Nine Lives followed with this gem of a film at home. I loved this movie as a kid because I always wanted to be Nancy Drew and the only thing that would've made Nancy Drew cooler was if she had a cat sidekick.

KEANU - KEANU (2016)

Thank god I didn't see this in a cinema because I squealed like a moron every time the cat was on screen. I mean, how could you not: look how cute he is. Now, in my opinion the cat should have been in more of the film (like every scene, for example) but the times he was on camera were magical and perfect and sometimes he was wearing bling. The rest of the film basically a long Key & Peele skit, which is totally okay by me. It was shockingly more violent than I was expecting from a cat movie but I should've known better because it's rated R. I also walked away with a new appreciation for both George Michael and Anna Faris after watching this.


Binx is to this movie what Casper was to Casper: every 90s kid's non-human crush. But it's okay because Binx used to be human! It's not wrong! It's not! Hocus Pocus is a marvel of a film that combines witches, flying, a musical number, a zombie, and the use of the word "yabbos" to describe breasts. And let's face it: those dorky kids would've totally failed if it wasn't for Binx. The trailer wrongly doesn't show any Binx so I've linked a short clip that demonstrates his wisdom. Also, shout out to these rad dudes.


Okay, okay, so Orion doesn't exactly star in Men in Black but he should have! He is the holder and saviour of galaxies! All hail Orion and his belt. Do you guys think he knew what was around his neck? Maybe he held it in his paws and gazed at it, purring contentedly and thinking to himself, "Who's the cat? I'M the cat. F**k Garfield." Instead of a MiB/Jump Street movie, we should be working on getting Orion is own spinoff franchise. He can become an agent! It's perfect because cats don't even have fingerprints to get rid of.

Trust me, friends, when I say that I could go on and on and on. But we'll leave it at this list for now. Tomorrow, the final day of this most glorious week, will end with my thoughts after having seen Nine Lives. Because—oooh boy—I have seen it and it is something else.