Video collective Youth Hymns - who've directed music videos for the likes of Slaves, Cash+David, and Big Deal exclusively on VHS camcorders - put together a playlist of hideously dated CGI music videos, which we're extremely happy to share with you today.

"We've decided to roll back the clock to a time when computer visual effect technology was at its peak... in our minds anyway. Here's ten golden nuggets."

Fancy - 'Lady Of Ice'
The first time we saw this video, we just looked at one and other and a single tear rolled down each of our cheeks.

Mick Jagger - 'Hard Woman'
Mick Jagger looks totally legit as he attempts to shred on a cardboard Flying V guitar. We like the bit where his head turns into an oversized vase. Why does his name keep appearing at the bottom for no reason?

Eiffel 65 - 'Blue'
Some phenomenal usage of CGI here - a classic. Top-notch green screen acting and a real look into the future of facial hair. What is their obsession with kung fu and why does Sven look so weird when he beats up the poor blue men at 2:22? We assume his name is Sven.

Gary Numan - 'Cars'
Filled with quality transitions but our absolute favourite moment is when Gary pretends to drive down the keys of the Polymoog, it appears the budget didn't permit an actual car.

Pet Shop Boys - 'Go West'
A real '90s blend of homoerotisism and green screen. Impressively, they did accurately predict today's modern cycle wear.

Dire Straits - 'Money For Nothing'
Dire Straits really went to town here, making the point that you can never have too many polygons.

Starship - 'We Built This City'
This is a fucking tune. When that giant dice rolls towards the screen we always jump because it looks so real.

Peter Gabriel - 'Steam'
Where do you go following 'Sledgehammer'? This apparently. The nun that turns into a sexy lady is nice.

Def Leppard - 'Let's Get Rocked'
Def Leppard proceed to 'get rocked' in a virtual stadium. The whistling microphone shield makes us feel uncomfortable. In fact this whole video does.

Adamski & Seal - 'Killer'
Adam & Sealski knew their shit. Nothing says Space Age more than 3D spinning heads.