This is another simply exceptional piece of independent film – exploring themes of sexuality, sexual discovery, as well personal and societal inhibition. Beach Rats> reminds of movies by the likes of Larry Clark (Kids, Bully) and Harmony Korine (Gummo, Spring Breakers). The film peeks in at an explorative phase in the film leads, Frankie’s (Harris Dickinson) life.

Set in Brooklyn, it follows late teen Frankie as he navigates early adulthood with homosexual feelings, the recent passing of his father, his druggie group of friends, and his beautiful and infatuated, to her own detriment, girlfriend. The internet provides for Frankie endless possibilities of meeting guys and his private quest to explore his feelings; secretly meeting guys in the bushes or being driven to some motel room.

Director Eliza Hittman brings it all together in such an appealing way; giving as subtle beautiful montages with muted colours and filtered close ups; she allows the plot to unfold without necessarily having a resolution at the end.