Director Alex Ross Perry's (Listen Up Phillip, Queen of Earth) new film Golden Exits features a cast of well-known faces: Jason Schwartzman, Chloë Sevigny, Lily Rabe (American Horror Story) and the remarkable Mary-Louise Parker.

It reminds me of '80s and '90s Woody Allen films, where we are privy to numerous parallel lives, some loosely and some closely related, all story strands tying up at the end. It's an interesting film which provides great insight into relationships and their dynamics, as well as life in the Big Apple. It's a rare appearance for Parker, who is truly brilliant as the spiky sister and self-obsessed New York bohemian. However, there is an element of self-indulgence to this movie, all this existential talk presented in this nonchalant achingly-hip way – a bit too try-hard.

There is a persistent, repeated mantra that all men are dicks and looping them all in the same old character of a floundering narcissist proves jarring to watch. Jason Schwartzman's character, a complete replica of his self-obsessed, dick-ish role in Listen Up Phillip and possibly countless other roles where men have cheated on their spouses, but the wife never leaves.

It is an interesting and an overall watchable film, but perhaps the high level of its self-awareness makes the whole thing seem inauthentic.