A film by Anne Fontaine (Coco Before Chanel, The Innocents) Reinventing Marvin tells the story of young French boy, Marvin Bijou (Finnegan Oldfield) not living up to the ‘manly’ stereotype and the respective intense, brutal bullying that goes with it, at school and at home. As Marvin grows up he flees to Paris in a desperate attempt to reinvent himself, by becoming a writer and performer and infiltrating elite Parisian circles.

Based partly on a true story, the film details very familiar ground of being ostracized for being different, the need to reinvent oneself to dissociate from a painful past.

The film treads on clichéd territory deceptively presented in this cool nonchalant French style. Nonetheless, it's a fine-looking film, with the added bonus of a long cameo by Isabelle Hupert playing herself.