Queen';s long-awaited biopic surpassed expectations. Way back, when Sacha Baron-Cohen abandoned the lead role and production fell into all sorts of troubles, one might have been forgiven for thinking this film would flop horribly if it ever came out. However, individual elements held the wild ride together. Malek's performance as Freddie Mercury was impressive at times and distracting at others, but charming overall. Lucy Boynton as Mary Austin also deserves a great amount of praise for a strong female presence, holding her own in a male-dominated cast. Mazello, Hardy and Lee similarly gave strong performances as Queen's other band members – but it may have been their limited air time and character depth that kept the cracks from showing.

There's a good amount of laughs throughout, whilst still managing to touch on the more serious side of Freddie's life. It's worth mentioning before the criticism begins that during the production of the film, director and sexual misconduct accusee Bryan Singer was fired for throwing an object at Malek on set. Dexter Fletcher then took the reins and steered the project to completion (check out our interview with Fletcher here).

For a film with such a turbulent production, it's actually quite amazing that it turned out at all, let alone in style. It is not without it's weaknesses though, the live performances within the film vary, with some blowing you away and others feeling just a little too staged. The biggest criticisms come in the form of a few god-awful reflection shots that cheapen the aesthetic, the lack of early-Queen coverage, and the script dancing around some of Freddie’s most famous nights (he is reported to have once stolen Diana from the palace, disguised her, and taken her on a tour of London's gay clubs). Whilst not a bad thing, the film does follow a simple formula: Freddie does something, accidentally writes one of the biggest songs of all time, argues with band mates, one makes a well-timed quip, they record it, and people tell them it will never sell. Throw in a bit of drama, a complex and captivating love life for the lead, and what you have is a film that isn't perfect - but is highly recommended and fun.