Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the long awaited and hotly anticipated sequel to the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. Return was part of the original trilogy of films (Episodes 4-6) that captured not just a single generations hearts and minds but many more afterwards. This current entry smartly distances itself entirely from the prequel films (Episodes 1-3) that came after the original trilogy. The massive audience of fans continues to harbor distain for the prequel films that came in the late '90s early '00s. Many will remember that they were so poorly received because of the original creator George Lucas' dictatorship control of every aspect of the film, which lead to many things such as the sloppy writing, overkill of CGI, and bland acting.

J.J. Abrams recognized the past film's flaws and intelligently tells the story almost beat for beat like the first film A New Hope, in which he parallels locations, plot points, and themes. This was done partially as a send up to the classic movie and it allows us to immediately get invested in the characters that are always the true heart of the film. We find one of our main characters, Rey (Daisy Ridley), who feels destined for greater things and lives on a desert planet paralleling Luke Skywalker, the original series hero. She eventually crosses paths with Finn (John Boyega), a robot named BB8, and Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac) who join together to help the rebel alliance against the dreaded Kylo Ren and his New Order. Dameron is the new Han Solo archetype character that deserved more screen time but was sidelined for most of the movie. Boyega as Finn is a Stormtrooper that literally jumps ship to join the rebels. Among all of these characters it is BB8 that steals the show as the lovable R2D2 inspired robot. Along the way they encounter the original returning cast of characters Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew), General/Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

Awakens uses real practical effects, old school puppet work, and seamlessly blended CGI graphics to enhance the story rather than distracting from it. Critically there is one character in particular, Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis), which was poorly executed full CGI character that might take most people out of the film for a moment. This time around the acting by everyone involved is on point with great chemistry between the actors that feels believable and genuine. The humor is rightly earned and intelligently used throughout. Everything continually is moving forward and the character development would have benefited from some quiet time between each other.

This is the movie that Star Wars fans have been hoping to see for over 30 years and it was worth the wait. As a devoted "fanboy" I was pleasantly happy to re-enter the universe that I grew up with. I was immediately transported back to my youth from the moment the opening music started till the end credits. This is the beginning of a new set trilogy of films and spinoffs, which is manned by a better leader in J.J. Abrams. We are in store for some exciting and fun movies if this trend continues and I highly recommend seeing this film as soon as possible.