Fever Ray - Plunge

When Plunge came out, I had just moved to Los Angeles and was starting to work on the second phase of Drinker’s music, the first being the close collaboration in New York with Ariel on the Happy Accident EP. I could not have come across a more perfect album than Plunge for me at this time. It celebrates electronic drums and synthesizers as much as it celebrates the artist’s transformation and new beginning.

The production reveals more and more delicacy the more attention you pay to it, but its punch remains firm and fresh every time. I would lose myself in this world while working on a live show and writing new songs; it provided an abstract guide as to the way this type of music really works. The choices she made on the production side as well as her message were exactly what I needed to be engaging with. The lyrics weave through introspection ('Mustn’t Hurry') to arrive at catharsis on 'To The Moon and Back' and she manages to slams modern politics as an affront to the human spirit along the way ('This Country').

From the lyrical content on Plunge, Fever Ray’s presence elevates out of the deep mystique she created on her self-titled debut 8 years prior. Ariel and I connected over our shared love for this music and I believe it comes through on tracks like 'Something I Want'. The rich bass arp meets the dirty drum beat and forms the backdrop for a statement on how we get along in our society, so damaged by doing what we’re told and becoming so addicted to what we are fed.

Drinker's Fragments album is out on May 3rd via B3Sci Records. Listen to 'Something I Want' below.