Visions of a Life by Wolf Alice

I was already very much in love with the first album My love is cool by Wolf Alice and got totally sucked in with the second album Visions of a Life. Lyrically they make you feel identifying with different situations in life and the melodies are entangling you from the first second. There is a lot of diversity in these records and you can find yourself adapting to feelings like anger, love, sadness and joy. The song 'Visions of a Life' reminds me of a lot of how a life is lived. It transforms to different stages, just like a musical theatre.

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac:

We all love Fleetwood Mac and Rumours is definitely a 10/10 pick. I remember that my mom was always listening to this record when we were driving around in her car and my siblings and I were singing out loud to 'Don’t Stop'. One day I realised, that you can understand the lyrics in whatever way you want to understand them because I always thought they were singing: "Don’t. Stop thinking about tomorrow!", and my mom always understood: “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”. For a while, I forgot about them until I found the Rumours vinyl in my dad's basement. My favourite track on the records is 'The Chain'. The dramatic sweet melodies of the different voices make my heart beat a bit faster every time I hear this song.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath:

Yes, like all the Black Sabbath records: 10 out of 10! It was the first record which was all produced by the band themselves. In our eyes, the way the songs got developed shows, how they guys got together musically and also as friends. Each song on the album tells its own story and it’s a very solid record who was a steady companion, especially to Michael, Tobi and Jan.

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