Welcome to the debut of our new video featurette folks.

The bit with the background: eminent Swiss/British philosopher (amongst other things) Alain de Botton founded The School Of Life in 2008 alongside Sophie Howarth, a former Tate Modern Curator. The purpose of The School is to provide enlightenment and challenge issues surrounding the human condition via a series of programmes and services - things that impact our everyday lives.

100 Questions is one such idea that runs along these themes. It's a simple concept - inside a beautifully designed box are 100 cards, with each posing a questions of life, art, travel, life, death, philsophy, food - anything. All the questions are handpicked, designed to get your mind stimulated and your mouth gibbering away.

We thought it a fun idea to apply this to artists that we interview - and Portland-based duo Pure Bathing Culture were bold enough to step forward for our first incarnation.

See the results below in our video short - and be sure to check out the session we filmed of them on the same day.