Over the last 15 years FatCat Records’ 130701 imprint has made a massive contribution to the "post-classical" scene; the "post" signifies the change in attitude towards the new found sense of inclusion. It's the accessibility of modern classical music that has allowed it to thrive and develop into what it is today. If you are willing to engage with the music then you are both welcome, and encouraged to do so, if you are lucky you can find yourself within it. As I did, watching Dustin O' Halloran, Hauschka and Max Richter in a church in Brighton several years back.

I can't claim to have been aware of the label for the full 15 years, if you go that far back then I was being moved by angry kids holding guitars and/or pounding bass so low it stopped you breathing. But as the years progress and as the way in which I listen to music changes, the more I find myself needing music that heightens my appreciation of the world that I am experiencing, that gives me the space to live my life with, rather than bullying my entire focus from. I'm not talking about background noise either. It's music that is as captivating and engaging as it is possible to be. The difference is that it heightens my other senses, it alters the way I perceive them. Moving my brain between thoughts to make the mundane meaningful, to make me appreciative of the ordinary. Suddenly I'm looking up at the sky between the buildings and smiling at the beauty.

The music that you'll find on 130701 is all of that, and all the rest that I struggle to put into words. Their "Eleven Into Fifteen" compilation is a great example of what that means. A glimpse into a larger world, or rather the opportunity to see the world as something bigger than you are currently experiencing, to see endless potential take the place of everyday routine.

Which is to say that I'm delighted to be able to premiere the bonus CD (which is only available with the first 200 copies bought at their webstore or in an independent record shop) featuring five unreleased tracks by five of the labels newest artists - all as you would expect, ahead of the curve and utterly worth your time. Happy birthday 130701, here's to another fifteen.

You should go to their webstore and buy the compilation. Really.