While many saw the approaching death of regionalism in hip hop with the rise of A$AP Rocky's Houston-lite via New York sound in 2013, naturally, that hasn't quite proven to be true. Rocky's own career has proved a bit limp, and Atlanta's death grip on the zeitgeist has only made its sound more insular.

Still, with Soundcloud and the Internet in general allowing for artists from cities previously ignored to catch hype (Joyner Lucas is from...Worcester?), plenty of artists are delving into sounds outside of their regions.

Houston newcomer Aaron May, only 17, has already begun plugging away on a sound quite unlike his cities' codeine drenched history.

Still hanging with his high school crew, who helped him shoot the music video for his latest offering, 'Ride' is hopeful, the sound of a still very young man looking forward to what the future holds. You might note May's voice sounds not unlike J. Cole's, but his sound is entirely his own.

Check out 'Ride' below, and look out for his debut mixtape very soon.