Label: Weekender Records Release date: 04/12/09 Website: This is brand new ground for French rock band 1984; New line-up (bye-bye long-time bassist Bruno Pelagatti, hello newbie Kevin Matz) and new musical ambitions. After debut album Open Jail released last year, and followed by several European tours (with the likes of Blood Red Shoes and Rolo Tomassi in the UK) the three Strasbourg boys now hone their sound. New single ‘Territory’, a three minute tune with menacing bass and anthemic coda (“raise now your hands, higher, HIGHER”), could easily be a new dancefloor favorite, while B-side ‘Tiptoe’ is nice, safe indie fare yet rocked by Etienne Nicolini’s idiosyncratic voice (Rakes/Joy Division-esque) and militaristic guitar riffs. A metallic, yummy foretaste of the new direction these (ex)-zebras are heading in. Fancy a ride? Rating: 7/10