2:54 (Siblings Colette and Hannah Thurlow) will support The xx on their comeback show at London's Chats Palace on May 15th, as well as playing London's Scala venue on June 7th (which will be their largest ever headline show). The show that'll be preceded by a special free set at London's Rough Trade East store on May 31st.

The original demo version of 'Creeping' was made on Garageband posted on the internet 18 months ago and picked up attention with it’s dreamlike melodies and style. This new single version makes improvements on what was already a great song, it sounds smoother and has more of a mood rock feel. The vocals are still great and to me are reminiscent of Kate Bush (which is never a bad thing). 'Creeping' will be released June 18th on Fiction, their debut album is set for release on May 28th.

The Soundcloud player for 'Creeping' is below, check it out.