According to ABC News, thieves have made off with roughly 7,000 Wii U consoles in SeaTec Washington, USA. That's around $2 million worth of hardware.

The criminals pulled off their scheme by masquerading themselves using two large diesel trucks, docking into Nintendo’s distribution warehouse and proceeding to use forklifts to load all the booty into the back of their 53 ft. high trailer trucks. The thieves then used an extra box-truck van to make sure they got every single console they could hold.

At this moment in time the Police have no information, but are remain confident they'll catch those involved when the consoles are sold illegally on market.

ABC News unfortunately incorrectly described the Wii U as a “portable gaming console” and numerous times as simply a Wii, so the exact figures for what has been stolen could be a mixture of Nintendo consoles.

So, that’s Christmas ruined for a lot of people. Oh well, let’s hope they catch the thieving swines!