2000 Trees Preview
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The line-up is awesome, the setting is gorgeous, the capacity is tiny; yep, it can only be 2000 Trees. The 2,500 capacity festival in Cheltenham (Upcote Farm to be precise) on 16th - 17th July has only the 6 organisers, 3 stages, yet will still play host to all manner of new alternative music, for which we can't wait. In keeping with their ethos of doing things a little differently, 2000Trees have very kindly supplied us with a few mini-interviews they conducted with some of our top picks, so read on below to find out why we're stoked to see them play. Here are the respective questions that the 2000 Trees guys asked the artists, answers below: 1. 2000trees festival showcases the best in British new music. What are your favourite up and coming British bands or artists at the moment? 2. Have you ever been to 2000trees before, if so what have been your highlights from previous years? 3. Who is your favourite British band of all time? 4. What are your plans for your performance at 2000trees? 5. Which other artists are you and your fans looking forward to seeing, at this year at 2000trees festival?

Cats and Cats and Cats (Bencat)
1. There seem to be so many amazing bands starting up at the moment, a few that spring to mind are two Oxford based bands - Ute (http://www.myspace.com/utetheband) who make folky intricate pop songs and Spring Offensive (www.myspace.com/springoffensive) who make darker, louder stuff with loads of lovely vocals. I should mention our often-tour-support heroes The Siegfried Sassoon too (www.myspace.com/thesiegfriedsassoon) and our good friends Wild Dogs in Winter (www.myspace.com/wilddogsinwinter), two masters of their trades. 2. No but I wish I had!
3. I have to say the band that got me into music in the first place, which was Blur. I was about 11 when Parklife came out and I remember we were moving house at the time, me and my best friends got in a big empty cupboard and sang End of a century at the top of our voices along to a cassette. Good times. 4. Hopefully we'll have all our extra instrumentalists and will be playing tracks from our album which is out in May (15th to be precise) along with some unreleased songs we've been working on recently. There's a chance we'll have some visuals and costumes and a near zero possibility of a lazer show with deadly robots attacking the earth. 5. Well we can't wait to catch up with our friends and ex tour buddies in A Genuine Freakshow, Vessels, Maybeshewill and 65 Days of Static and see them rock the place. We're also looking forward to And so I watch you from afar and Shoes and socks off.
The Dawn Chorus (Kyle)
1. Where to start... The B of the Bang, Tom Fossum, Incredible Flight of Birdman, The Hornblower Brothers, Fanfarlo, Revere, The Strange Death of Liberal England, Wild Beasts, All The Shapes, Attack Vipers and Lonesome George. Ask me tomorrow and I'm sure the list will be different though. 2. We played last year, on both stages actually. We were a last minute stand-in for Godsized on the main stage. I'm not sure what their fans would have made of the swap... The weather was hurrendous but we all had a great time. I had to leave early but I know the other boys all enjoyed the headphone disco. I probably wouldn't be interested unless there was an option to play Bonnie Prince Billy or James Yorkston on the headphones. I can't handle any more excitement than that. 3. At 14 I would have said The Beatles, at 17 Radiohead, at 20 The Smiths. But I'm currently having a big Pogues phase. A lot of people think of them as that drunk guy with no teeth who does the Christmas song, but they were actually one of the best British punk bands in my humble opinion. 4. We're going to be playing the majority of our new album 'The Carnival Leaves Town' with our new 7-piece line-up, we may also throw in a couple from our first album and a few surprises too. 5. Frank Turner of course, it's always great to see Frank. I like Metronomy too so I'll be interested in seeing them on the main stage, and I haven't seen 65daysofstatic for a few years either so that should be good. Also i'm hoping that Chris T-T will be playing with a full band - not that there's anything wrong with seeing him solo, but I've only ever seen him with band once and they were great.
Bombay Bicycle Club (Ben)
1. We are all big fans of a band called Dutch Uncles. We have played a few shows with them and they are always exiting to see live.There is another band from oxford called Jonquil that we are following. We have not seen them live yet, butthey are amazing on record and we have invited them to play some shows with us. 2. We have never been to 2000 trees before. But we are very exited to come for the first time and play. 3. The Beatles... but i guess they are my favorite band ever. I have been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin recently, they are one of the best british bands ever.
4. We don't normally plan out gigs. We just have a good time and hope every one else does. We will be playing some new songs from our second album. 5. Metronomy, we went to see them in camden two years ago and they were amazing. Lofi Culture Scene are always good live aswell.
Three Trapped Tigers (Tom)
1. Gold Panda, Hudson Mohawke, Mount Kimbie, Untold. 2. I'm afraid we haven't, but looking forward to it! 3. For me band-wise I suppose it'll have to be Radiohead although the others might not agree (they tend to prefer American music anyway.) There's close competition from Talk Talk, Human League, Joy Division/New Order, Led Zeppelin, the Kinks.But it's a bit unfair to narrow it down to bands: what about Bowie, Kate Bush, Aphex Twin?
4. It's going to be one of our first festivals so it should be pretty fun. We're very much a live band, so I hope we'll have played in our new EP by then and be able to take some risks with it. 5. We've played with 65 Days a fair bit before and they've been very supportive of us, so always nice to see them. I think Errors are good. The bassist in Metronomy is a good friend of ours, and I used to live with Johnny Flynn, and Johnny's bassist was in the original lineup of TTT!
Goldheart Assembly (Tom)
1. Villagers - caught him on Jools Holland recently, he was greatThee Single Spy - dark folk Velvet Underground-esque brilliance, and good mates of oursJoseph Works - a bit like PJ Harvey but better 2. Never been - ask me next year! 3. Spinal Tap or The Beatles 4. To ruddy well play our socks off to a sun-kissed rabble, and not get lost among all the trees. 5. Bombay Bicycle club and The Dawn Chorus,Cats and Cats and Cats, and Sparrow and the Workshop - purely cos I like the names.
Sonic Boom Six
1. Well, some may call me biased but the artists on our Rebel Alliance Recordings are obviously, to us, the best up and coming bands around. The Skints are reggae-punk from London and are going on tour with the Slackers in Europe very soon. Mouthwash are currently doing the whole King Blues tour and they're indie-ska from London. Random Hand are metallic Ska-Core from Keighley and many music fans might have seen them as they have gigged so hard over the last few years. And we've just started working with a band called Dirty Revolution from Cardiff who are awesome. So I think the best up and coming bands in the UK are those bands right there. But otherwise I really dig Crazy Arm on Xtra Mile Recordings and there is a band from Bristol called Gecko who are really cool. 2. I have not. Whatever my highlight is this year will be my highlight of previous years if you ask me next year. I'm getting a bit old and afraid of mud for festivals but I can still turn it on every now and then. 3. I'd have to say the Specials. It's kind of a hard one between them and the Clash but it's got to be the Specials from the message to the tunes to the imagery to the label. They've been a huge influence on stuff that has been a huge deal to me such as the Prodigy, Blur, Asian Dub Foundation and the Streets and also so many of the American bands I loved in my teens like Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sublime, Rancid and No Doubt. 4. We've got a new line-up and new things happening in terms of samples and synths so being able to take that onto a festival stage is an exciting thing for us and it's a development and a challenge we're looking forward to putting the new line-up through. I guess to be able to surpass our previous festival performances are our plans but specifically that involves us creating a fun environment and playing a soundtrack for people to enjoy themselves and dance. It's never an exact science but it's always interesting and we've always been known as a band that can get people moving. 5. Frank Turner and Crazy Arm. I might watch 65 Days of Static too if I get the chance!
The Xcerts (Jordan Smith)
1. There are some really great Scottish bands making music right now, some of whom we've had the pleasure of sharing stages with: Copy Haho from Stonehaven are a really fun kind of pavement-party band, Kristoffer Morgan makes really pretty saddle-creek pop music and Flood of Red provide the weighty melancholia that we all secretly need and want in our lives. 2. This will be our first time at 2000 trees. Over the years i think it's become a fairly established alternative to the usual rock-fairs, and it's a pleasure to be a part of it. 3. Iron Maiden maybe? They're a band right? They do that one that goes "oohhhh, ohhhhh, oohhhhhhh..." classic songwriting.
4. We plan to play music, for the enjoyment of the spectators. The music will be in unison that is, played together, at the same time. Unison-rock. 5. Festivals can get a little hectic sometimes, you don't always get to see the bands you want. Thankfully every band on our stage is great so I don't have to move at all. Frank Turner is on our label, he's obviously great, or he wouldn't be on our label. Pulled apart by horses, Crazy Arm, And So I Watch You From Afar are pretty sick. I hate competing on stages with super-heavy bands, it's the equivalent of the older guys in the changing rooms at school, completely terrifying. Basically if you leave feeling emasculated, we did our jobs.
Check back soon for our full coverage of the already sold-out festival. If you're going, comment below, and let us know who you're keen on checking out!