So, a lot of bands throwing in the towel last year I notice.  Not just that though, a lot of name changing and new bands being spawned from the ashes of old ones. To say goodbye (or hello as the case maybe) to these folk I’ve done a little compilation of top tracks as a tribute to the 19 bands below, download it from this here link Break Ups Milburn Mumm-Ra The Vagabonds Be Your Own Pet The Long Blondes Cutting Pink With Knives Elle Milano Illustrated Youth Foster Kids Name Changes Headlines now called Dutch Uncles Louie now called Light Brigade God love you for a liar now called Guilty Hands The Bridge Gang now called Clockwork Boy & the Ticks New Projects Test Icicles – Rory now in Kasms Blood Brothers - Jaguar Love carrying on in a similar vein Kubichek! - Black Flashes continuing without vocalist Help She Cant Swim - Lonely Ghosts going down a more digital avenue The Motorettes - Love Bites And Bruises – Hmmm so which band name is worse then? I Was A Cub Scout – Have now given birth to Omes and Brontide! Tracklistings 1. Be You Own Pet – Black hole – Would have been an album highlight if the label hadn’t axed it due to its lyrical content 2. Blood Brothers – Set fire to the face on fire – Taken from the superb album Young Machetes 3. Cutting Pink With Knives – Airz – Imagine Australian electro chaps Van She being fronted by the dude from Funeral For A Friend.  If you can 4. Elle Milano – Katsuki & The Stilettod stranger REMIX – My favourite re-mix of all time.  Don’t know who is responsible for it mind 5. Foster Kids – Democracy – Along the lines of Blood Red Shoes, look out for the Glacier melting riff at 2mins 23 secs 6. God Love You For A Liar – Love like we’re lovers – Reminds me a bit of London’s Battle, great vocals 7. Help She Cant Swim – All the stars – Highlight from the Brighton bands last album The Death Of Nightlife 8. I Was A Cub Scout – Echoes – The due have now gone their own ways, this is one of many nuggets of Indie pleasantry 9. Illustrated Youth – Im Obsessed – So much potential in this band, it’s pretty gutting they’ve called it a day 10. Kubichek! – Nightjoy – Thumping anthem from one of the best albums of 2007 11. Louie – I know what your doing tonight – Grotty urchins rock out in this beer swigging stomp 12. Milburn – What you could have won – Really lost it with their second album but the debut was full of hits, like this one 13. Mother Vulpine – We’ll be detectives for the day - Ok so they spilt in 2007 but I had to include this.  On this evidence it’s no wonder why Dinosaur Pile-Up and Pulled Apart By Horses are getting so much attention 14. Mumm-Ra – Out of the question – You could be forgiven for wretching at the sheer niceness of Mumm-Ra’s music, but all is forgiven with this little ditty 15. Test Icicles – Circle Square Triangle – They been split for ages but with new band Kasms now formed featuring Rory Brattwell I had to include this 16. The Bridge Gang – Blue sky grey – Holloways type song from the now re-named Londoners 17. The Headlines – The long process – North West outfit taking a leaf out of Mumm-Ra’s book with surprisingly good results 18. The Long Blondes – Big Infatuation – Great early track surprisingly omitted from the bands debut LP 19. The Motorettes – Super Heartbeats – Like The Wannadies crossed with To My Boy 20. The Vagabonds – Jack N Jill – Liverpool squad who could have reached Pigeon Detectives level stardom if they hadn’t crumbled.  Shame. Hope you find something you like folks, lets hope more of our favourite acts can hold it together in 2009.  Sorry about the morbid photo choice by the way!