Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi Length: 142 mins Link: Imdb It is very telling when a success in one media is translated into the unique media that is film, and expects to be as successful in one form as in the other. Let me explain: “20th Century Boys” is an filmic adaptation of a massive Manga series (24 volumes!) very popular in Japan. However, this film, over two hours and thirty minutes in length (though it felt longer), was a long and involved set up for the introduction of the protagonist of the second part of the three part filmic series. All of which lead this viewer to feel as if he was watching the Nipponese version of “The Lord of the Rings”. Let me further explain. The film consisted of a mind rinsing series of flashbacks within flashbacks, characters whose loud acting styles are a few degrees short of a telenovela, and a frustrating denouement . Overall, “20th Century Boys” was an interesting concept, of young Japanese misfits concocting their plan for world domination, and having it come through in the worst way. However, it needed a strict editor or have the concept be expanded in a weekly television program. Rating: 4.5/10