Label: Bad Sneakers Records Link: First off, this single is magical and it soars! Clearly, I’ve fallen for yet another indie single hit. “Folk/Pop/Indie” as indicated on their MySpace page, and with top friends from Duels, Elbow, to Slow club, the feeling you get when listening to 23 Fears mostly seeps through in likeness to whenever you’re in a groove listening to Arcade Fire’s “Neighbourhood 3 (Power Out)” or “Rebellion”. Their composed theatrics in 23 Fears is starkly thrilling—intense and heavy in guitar/drums but subtle in vocals and violin. The song takes you on a ride where you find yourself counting your own 23 fears that could pass within a year. So basically, it definitely hits you in the right spot. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, but hey…we like to attach ourselves to the music we enjoy listening to. The single is underscored with alternative and indie beats, and has slight folk subtleties and hints of classic rock that resonates from timeless bands like, The Cure or The Smiths. But as I said before, it’s magical and it soars in its guitar hooks and drumbeats, which grow and fade in crescendos from its verses to the chorus.  The single’s composition resonates the band’s musical style, and Tigers That Talked makes 23 Fears a timeless track of their own. Ps—They named themselves after a 1968 novel, In Watermelon Sugar, written by Paul Brattigan!