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24 Frames: The 'Captain Phillips' Edition

Last week saw the release of the second trailer for Captain Phillips which is based on the true story of the Maersk Alabama that was hijacked by pirates in 2009. The movie stars Tom Hanks and is directed by the British auteur Paul Greengrass. The movie looks extremely visceral and is visually akin to his 2006 thriller United 93 (2006).

As we know the harrowing 9/11 drama was one of the best movies of that year and was the precursor to the brilliant Bourne sequels that followed. What struck me about this trailer is the fact that although the movie may look like a traditional thriller with a Manichean plot that defines the two opposing sides as either good or evil, this movie will probably transcend that structure because Greengrass is a director with a distinctly political sensibility which was portrayed in a subtle way by the Bourne movies with Matt Damon, and was explicitly illustrated in the underrated thriller Green Zone (2010).

Tom Hanks meanwhile is seemingly enjoy a renaissance in his career with Cloud Atlas (2012) and the upcoming Saving Mr Banks, which is due for general release next year. Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think!