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The 'Crystal Fairy and The Magical Cactus' Edition

Argentinean director, Sebastián Silva, has two movies coming out this year: Crystal Fairy and The Magical Cactus and Magic Magic. Crystal Fairy happened by chance when Michael Cera was staying at the director's family home, awaiting funding for Magic Magic and learning Spanish, preparing for its shoot. When finance was further delayed Silva decided to film Crystal Fairy, a story that was lying around in Silva's computer, and then filmed within a month without any re-shoots. Strategically, the director employed long takes and shot the film chronologically. Revolving around a drug-fueled road trip, the movie doesn't have scripted dialogue either.

The movie is about an experience Silva had about 12 years ago when he encountered a woman by the name of Crystal Fairy, and invited her to take hallucinogens with him and his best friend in the desert. In the movie, Jamie, Cera's character, steals a piece of the legendary San Pedro cactus from an old lady's garden. With him on the trip through Chile are a couple of his guy friends played by Silva's brothers, and a girl named Crystal Fairy, played by Gabby Hoffman. The cactus is supposed to be hallucinogenic so they plan to drink its milky juice. The movie also won the Director's Award in World Cinema at the Sundance.

Perhaps it's due to Cera's presence but the movie has a reputation of being more "quirky" than your regular drug-induced plots. Cera and Silva became friends after Cera watched The Maid (2009) on rainy afternoon in the East Village, and reached out to Silva to meet in LA: "[We] immediately clicked in terms of humor," the director says, "Also, and this is something that happens to most actors in America, [Cera] was getting stereotyped… And that's a very dangerous trap for an artist. Like if I could only do movies like The Maid. It would be so sad. Because then what's there to explore? You have to have the chance to fuck up and learn. So with Michael I felt that we could work on different types of things together."

It was also Cera who had asked Silva if he could play the part of Brink in Magic Magic after reading the script, which was originally written in Spanish. Costarring in the cinema, which is more of a thriller, are Emily Browning and Juno Temple where one of the female characters goes on a mental demise. Silva compares Magic Magic to a "complex sculpture" while comparing Crystal Fairy to a "fun drawing" which he would much rather make but says he grew more as a professional with Magic Magic where he explores using music as a narrative element. In it he also collaborates with Christopher Doyle, from whom he says he learned a lot about life and photography.

One of Silva's other films, Old Cats, is also going to be featured at MoMA this August in New York. It is based on a real-life theater actor-couple that have two 20-year-old cats. The director says he just wanted to document the life of these endearing characters somehow.

Crystal Fairy will be released in theaters on July 12.

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