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24 Frames: The 'Divergent Trailer' Edition

A few weeks ago the teaser trailer for Divergent was released. The movie stands out because of the casting choices made by the studio. Anybody who saw The Descendants (2011) would have been acutely aware that one of the best parts of the movie was watching Shailene Woodley deal out the F word to a man who was having an affair with her mother.

Woodley also delivered screen presence, fun and emotionality to a movie in which she usurped George Clooney's performance. It is great to see her in a leading role after she was written out of The Amazing Spiderman 2 that is also due in 2014. The movie features Kate Winslet in a supporting role and the wonderful Maggie Q, who lead the enjoyably silly Nikita television series and to me is the unsung heroine of many an action movie.

I am aware that amongst the major studios there is clearly a move to find the next big franchise, the studios are attempting to find this new franchise by adapting novels supposedly aimed at a the teenage market. We have already seen how commercially (if not critically) the Twilight franchise was and the next instalment of the The Hunger Games series arrives in the fall as does Enders Game, which also comes to cinemas around that time.

This quest from the major studios has seen some box office failures like the underrated Beautiful Creatures that was released this year but it seems that this trend will continue. Divergent itself is helmed by Summit Entertainment who produced the Twilight saga and were later purchased by Lionsgate who themselves own the distribution rights to The Hunger Games. Does any of this make me cynical aboutDivergent? I would say no.

One of the things I have noticed about this movie is the fact that these stories offer young people the chance to see and be inspired by female characters who are strong, feminine and intelligent. In a year when Miley Cyrus is impartially twerking her way around the globe, it is great to see that young women can perhaps find a character in these books and movies that inspires them as they grow up, and can perhaps subvert the genre and inspire us all. If Divergent is as strong as this trailer suggests, then it's another subversive shot in the right direction.