Back when I was a nipper we had Lego; now one of the main joys of Lego was the ability to make a car and smash it into a friend's so that theirs breaks because they didn't push the pieces together properly. However a problem was that you had to smash the cars together with your hands, like some kind of savage.

However, some delightful folks in Italy have thrown off the shackles of such savagery. A small team called 3DRacers have come up with a way to prove who is the greatest racer/racing cheat amongst you and your friends.

Essentially you have the ability to create your own car from hundreds of body styles, colours and extra flair so that your car can stand out in the R.C. racing circuits. 3DRacers are hoping that over time the community will design new parts to allow for new and original designs.

The cars can be controlled with either a phone or a custom made 3D control. The software is open-source and Arduino compatible given racers a lot of freedom to do what they want.

It's impossible to look at the concept and not be reminded of Mario Kart, especially when one looks at the Battle Mode: Lap Times, Online Leaderboards and Power-Ups, if you're looking for more physical version of Mario Kart, then this is certainly for you.

The project is currently on Indiegogo and hopes to raise $25,000 over the next month (so far it's at the $9,000 mark). For $75 you'll receive your own personally designed car. If the project is successful, 3DRacers hope to hit the streets on September 15th.