According to NeoGAF’s latest on Japanese sales figures, Nintendo has swept a clear victory this holiday season in the land of the rising sun.

The 3DS sold 211,499 sales this week bringing its lifetime sales to a total of 8,799,378 over the two years it’s been retailing. Quite an achievement compared to the PS3’s 8,716,260 sales over six years, a significantly older home console beaten by a younger handheld.

Other figures this week show Nintendo’s Wii U raking in the biggest cash pot securing 308,142 sales this week, followed by the 3DS and the PS3 with 36,994. The PSP and PS Vita are still lagging behind unfortunately, at 19,637 and 11,039 sales respectively.

It’s absolutely incredible to see the amount of fan support that comes from Japan for Nintendo products. Their long history as a champion of the Japanese video game industry may have something to do with it, or maybe it's the price point, with NintendoSONY.