Last week we launched an idea called '405 Community' - which is a big project we plan on building upon this year. More info can be found here, though for now it's just about shedding light on you, our readers.

Every week we'll ask you question via the site/twitter/facebook/tumblr and the best answers will be included here, alongside anything else from our networks we feel like sharing. Last week we asked you the following question:

What's the best thing you've heard this week?

Our Favourite Responses

A lone track on a newly created Bandcamp page is the only relevant information on Pennsylvanian band Swiss Alps. But boy, it does all the talking it needs to and then some. It's melancholically fuzzy, VHS sound is layered with chiming guitar lines that fit together like some vintage jigsaw puzzle you once found in your Grans attic. Its lo-fi mood is so well crafted in fact, that it wouldn't come as a great surprise if they intended it all along. Either way, its quite brilliant regardless. from Wayne Flanagan (email)


It's ok. I get it, I'm behind the times. I only just bought M83's sprawling, swelling soundscape that is Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. I was stupid to try and ignore it, I was foolish to think I could get by without owning this masterpiece myself (those of us without smartphones can't rely on Spotify on the go). But then, come on, the band is named after a galaxy, and track six is about a psychedelic encounter with a "very special" frog. But none of these things detract from the aural paradise Anthony Gonzalez has created for us, what with the piercing melody of Midnight City and the soaring anthemic Steve McQueen, and everything else in between. If only I'd bought this three months ago. from Richard Nias (email)


Olympians live at Undertone in Cardiff: Olympians were the second of three acts at Undertone in Cardiff and provided what was the big treat of the evening. Their sound was completely assured even when taking unusual turns and dipping into separate tempos and styles mid song. In fact, such changes brought smiles to faces like the best bands manage with their best songs. Olympians were comfortable in the venue and comfortable doing something memorable. In fairness, they had a bit of an advantage from the start as they arrived with a trumpet and a glockenspiel along with the customary drumsticks and picks and instrumental varieties do make me happy. Even when the songs weren't particularly great, they continued to effortlessly exhibit a distinctive sound. Of course, it is easy to compare bands and hints of Mew and Beirut among others threaded their way through songs but more in the feel of the music rather than in a this-song-sounds-like-that-song manner. from Andrew Steel (email)


You know when you’re in a band and you spend a little time wondering around your favourite e-zines checking out what’s new and cool... and getting depressed as to why they aren’t featuring your band? No? Just me? Ok. Well, I was doing this a few days ago and came across the Jesse Ruins single ‘Dream Analysis’, out soon on Captured Tracks. There’s a fresh sounding synth wash intro followed by a snare fill which announces something compelling is coming. This got me initially, but the vocals just killed me. No one really understands dreams and no one can understand these lyrics. It’s the way they are sung and the voice that sings them elevated me to an involuntary wide-eyed smile, and that hasn’t happened for ages. Best song, so far, this year. It’s one of those rare tracks that, when it ends I feel a bit lost and need to put it on again. I’ve listened to it roughly 42,357 times since Tuesday. On account of it being awesome. from Sunset Graves (email)


The Royal Sons - Demos: On recommendation, I checked this duo out and was pleasantly surprised. My ear tends to be attracted to a more textured, complicated sound, which these guys are not really about. But there's something very sweet and genuine both about their music and their lyrics. This type of sound can sometimes be a welcome break from bands out there perhaps trying too hard to be different. These two play good music, and they do it well. I knew I liked them when I woke up with "Through and Through" in my head. from Claire Wasserman (email)


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“Technically Precise” Air drumming - okay. Arrhythmic Arm-Flailing - unquestionably bad."

from jimchuck in response to our question about whether or not air drumming is acceptable

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