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What's your favourite album of all time?

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Our Favourite Responses

All Mod Cons by The Jam. It got an eight year old absolutely hooked on music. Still sounds fresh to me 30 odd years later. from Steve Mcgillivray (Facebook)


The Queen Is Dead, but I can't really explain why, I can only say because it's the most beautiful album I've ever heard. I realize there are other more influential album, but about pure beauty, The Queen Is Dead is unbeatable. from Stefano Bartolotta (Facebook)


Benoit Pioulard - Precis, without a doubt.

Lyrically and emotionally engaging as Iron & Wine's "Creek Drank The cradle" & Joanna Newsom's "Ys", as atmospherically indulging and sparse as Fennesz's "Endless Summer" and Tim Hecker's "Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again" and with instrumentation as folky, textured and organic as Bibio's "Hands Cracked" & Jose Gonzalez's "Veneer" while being as fragile as Vincent Gallo's "When" and Matt Elliott's "The Mess We Made".

Precis manages to house and combine such a staggering number of genres, combining ambiance, electronica, shoegaze and lo-fi folk fused with a ridiculous use of field recordings that completely overtake every sensation in my body with every single song. It's a record about the comprehension of one's own impending death and willful submission and understanding that everything was okay, everything is okay, and everything will always be okay.

Despite Precis being so unique and filled with such detailed and vivid lyricism and superb musicianship,and while being driven with by ambient drone like soundscapes and whooshes of sound, it still manages to be very, very human. So dreamy yet never fading into the background and with enough magic to it and sounds and words to digest demanding a plethora of future listens. There is something to discover every time I spin this album.

This is a record that could save your soul. from Mohamed El Amin (Facebook)


Grace by Jeff Buckley. Just to be obvious... because it should be obvious! :D it blew me away and still does to this day. I am of course talking about the original before they remastered, fucked up the vocal mix and stuck a track he didn't want on there. from Colonell Sexl'ife (Facebook)


Kid A by Radiohead. The reason is, it's Kid A by Radiohead, which is the best album in the world. from Graham Crossan (Facebook)


Hey guys! Favorite album of all-time would have to be D' Angelo's "Voodoo". That album definitely, for me, changed how I viewed soul music. Really, music in general. Cohesive and beautifully done. from J. Daniels (email)


No album can beat the collection of tracks that appear on 'Now 57'. Simply Sublime! from Jack Bennett (Facebook)


It's a toss up between AC/DC's Back in Black-tis just the finest piece of rock music ever written.Simple in it's exuberance and celebration of pure foot stomping,air guitar wielding joy.And then there's The Constantines 'Shine a Light'.Similar in it's way, but much more adventurous in it's workings - from the very first listen(probably the first chords I heard played to be honest). I cannot choose-nor do I wish to. from Scott Henderson (Facebook)


Moon Safari by Air. Although often thought of as the perfect summer album, this is in fact an album for any weather, any day, any time. I remember listening to it while walking across the Millennium Bridge in the pouring rain and just thinking wow. I'm grabbing my headphones right this second to listen to it. from Tim Brown (Facebook)

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