Welcome back to The 405 Editors' Picks. Read on to find a download link to some nice free music, a tip-top snack recipe and...

This week I have been mostly listening to the Treefight for Sunlight record and the soon-to-be released record by Yuck. I was also surpised at how good the new Peter, Bjorn and John record is. They've always managed to release average albums with a couple of standout tracks whereas Gimme Some is solid throughout. Everyone should download the Groundislava free EP while it's still available. Think 'NBA Jam' slowed way down. Click here to get the EP

The SeaZora - I put this band on my radar for the end of year writers' profiles list, but as it didn't go up, I should mention them now. They're a wonderful unsigned folk band from London with some very mesmerizing songs that draw from the likes of Fleet Foxes and could easily make up a soundtrack to a Studio Ghibli film, with a very therapeutic effect when played live. They had their first play on BBC6 Music recently, which is a promising step, and I think they can bring a lot of positivity to their scene: http://www.myspace.com/theseazora I also have to talk about this insane performance artist, Jonathan Meese:

You could say he's bullshitter. You could say he's a genius. You could say his work is extremely profound. You could say his work is attention seeking bile. I don't care either way. He's hilarious. He's a fucking nutter and I love him for it.

This week I can't stop thinking about Blue Valentine (our official review coming soon). Ryan Gosling really turns up, the whole thing is unexpectedly funny but equally tragic and the ending, though subtle and certainly no huge twist, surprised and pleased me. Beyond that I've not been able to stop listening to that Smith & Royal track we posted up a couple of days ago, it's so fresh, I love it! Been really getting into the Treefight album like Oli, and also Harrys Gym, which is less focused than their debut but more absorbing in a way because of it. The only other thing I really want to shout about to people this week is toast, butter and Lea & Perrins. It's so easy and it makes your humble toast taste like a hot crossed bun, it's fucking genius! If you can handle it, a liberal sprinking of tabasco to top it off and you have the snack of Manly Kings. Want to go one step further and challenge the Snack-Gods themselves? Sub out the bread for some Irish soda bread and bam, you're a bona-fide foodie iconoclast.

This week I've been getting right into Warm Brains, which is the new sobriquet of musical genius Rory Attwell (aka Brattwell of Brattwell recordings). Imagine that all your fave bands from the 90's teamed up to make one awesome scuzzy guitar riffage extravaganza, and you'll be close. You can listen to most or all of the album coming out soon on his soundcloud, (http://soundcloud.com/warmbrains) which is really nice. You'll love it. Also this week I've dug the sounds of Rudi Zygaldo's glitchy new (well kinda new, it's more a rehash of some old stuff) Don't Distrub the Beats (http://rudi-zygadlo.tumblr.com/post/2696742275/dontdistrubthebeasts), which is amazingly fun and different. It's also free, so there's no real excuse not to get it. Finally, Friction by Television. Say no more.

This week, I have mostly been admiring the work of several photographers, partly inspired by a trip to the National Portrait Gallery to sample the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (running until February 20th). The great work exhibited was beyond superlative, though I felt like there was too much filler in between; that's not to say there was any bad work, just a feeling that 'well, we've been here numerous times before'. One photograph that stood out for me personally was by Madeline Waller, taken from her series Swimmers. I've also been captivated by a Xbox360 indie game called Limbo (available as a download only). It's a super-stylish, atmospheric noir platformer - that is many ways very simplistic but genuinely draws you in with due to its out-of-the-box thinking in terms of gameplay, and also the aforementioned brooding atmosphere. A refreshing game to experience in a sea of sequels, FPS and general dirge.

Music-wise, I've fallen in love with British Sea Power all over again. Ten years old now ay?

The soundtrack to my life this week has been dominated by 2 tracks that I’ve listen to countless times through the week, both of which feature on our ‘Ones to Watch 2011’ list. The first track is ‘Chemistry’ by Tall Ships. Despite Tall Ships being one of those bands that I’d been ‘aware’ of for a while, I’d actually heard little of their stuff. But, I think after ‘Chemistry’ they could become one of my favourite new bands. The second track I’ve had on constant repeat this week is the new Einar Stray track, ‘Chiaroscuro’. At 8 minutes+,‘Chiaroscuro’ is a track of epic proportions and despite being so young this guy is an incredible talent.

In the welsh mountains, on the last day of The Green Man Festival, Megafaun ruled supreme. When we caught up with the band on that picturesque hillside they were bugging out about this one record. "Time (The Revelator)" by Gillian Welch, i was bemused at how a country record could be "heavy as fuck" so when i returned to familar pastures i hunted it out. At first only a couple of songs stood out and they weren't especially "heavy" they were just nice, real nice, i put it on my ipod and I didn't think much of it. Until I listened to it in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. The lyrics hit harder, the sombre guitar's seemed strung with my own heartstrings. "Time" became a regular bedtime listen, and as time passed, I started listening to the odd song off it when I woke up too. Slowly this record is taking over my life, its gaining deeper personal resonance with each listen, right now I can't imagine life without it. I've selected the opening track for you to check out, its not the strongest song on there, but it'll give you a good impression of whats to come. Let it into your life.