"What Nick Talbot has served up here is, on the whole, a majestic portion of atmosphere drenched folk. The kind of portion that you can really sit down and sink your teeth into. This isn't for the iPod shuffle owners of the world. This is for the patient and observant. And for displaying said qualities, you'll be richly rewarded for each listen. It's arguably Gravenhurst's finest album to date, and one that absorbs you. You should welcome this absorption with open arms."

That's what 405 writer Edward Cibbens had to say about the latest album from Gravenhurst, The Ghost In Daylight, but why not give the album a listen and judge for yourself?

The album is released on April 30th via Warp Records, and you can catch Talbot performing some of these song at Cecil Sharp House on Spetember 27th (tickets here).