Welcome to 405 Extra - the new name for our weekly playlist, plus a few other things such our top 5 tracks of the week, exclusive content, 405 TV content and videos of the week.

We'll kick things off with a playlist, which happens to be our 84th one...

You can listen to The 405 Playlist #84 by clicking here, or below.

  1. Stagecoach - '56k Dial-Up' [Listen]
  2. Last Days of 1984 - 'Season' [405 Exclusive] [Listen]
  3. Becoming Real - 'Work Me' ft. Lady Chann [Listen]
  4. Lana Del Rey - 'Blue Jeans' ft. Azealia Banks (Smims&Belle Extended Remix) [Listen]
  5. Cassie - 'King of Hearts (Richard X Remix Edit)' [Listen]

You can view our 'Top 5 Videos Of The Week' feature by clicking here. Here's one of those videos for you to take a look at...