Welcome to 405 Extra - the new name for our weekly playlist, plus a few other things such our top 5 tracks of the week, exclusive content, 405 TV content and videos of the week.

We're gonna kick things off with our 85th site playlist, which goes out to MCA (R.I.P.).

You can listen to The 405 Playlist #85 by clicking here, or below.

  1. Alt-J - 'Breezeblocks' (Tom Vek's SFX Mix) [Listen]
  2. Eurythmics - 'Seventeen' (Planas Remix) // 405 Exclusive [Listen]
  3. Listen: Wildeflower - 'Amazing Discovery' [Listen]
  4. Kanye West (feat. Pusha T, Jadakiss, Big Sean and Chief Keef) - 'I Don't Like' [Listen]
  5. The Hood Internet - 'Pesobedear (A$AP Rocky vs Purity Ring)' [Listen]

You can view our 'Top 5 Videos Of The Week' feature by clicking here. Here's one of those videos for you to take a look at...