Product: Ciaté Caviar Nail Manicure, £18.00, available from Colour tested: “Black Pearl” Other available colours: “Rainbow” and “Mother of Pearl”

Application: Easy, but requires patience. To apply the manicure, the instructions read that one must apply one coat of the Ciaté paint pot, leave it to dry, apply a second coat and sprinkle the caviar pearls whilst the polish is still wet and gently press the pearls onto the nails to secure. It takes a good 20 minutes for the manicure to dry fully, but the end result is phenomenal!

Extras: The caviar manicure set comes with a plastic tray to catch the excess caviar pearls as they are sprinkled on, and a funnel to transfer the pearls back into the pot, so that many more manicures can be created. The booklet included also gives helpful tips and design ideas.

Verdict: Better for a night out or a special occasion as opposed to everyday wear because, as the box specifies that the Caviar Manicure lasts up to 48 hours. After a couple of hours after I applied the manicure, a few caviar pearls have dropped off, though it is not particularly noticeable due to the use of the Ciaté paint pot, included in the set, as a base coat, which matches the pearls perfectly.