How fitting was the debut of Chanel's 2013 Cruise Collection designed by the King of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, to be set amongst the famous, picturesque fountains of the Palace of Versailles? Following twelve months of preparation, the Cruise collection which becomes available in November, is littered with historical references and takes inspiration from Marie Antoinette and the 18th century. Short shorts coifed out with frills and lace were paired with fitted jackets to create an 18th century silhouette; Lagerfeld majestically combined historical shapes with modern fabrics, such as denim.

"Frivolity is a healthy attitude. I know people who were saved by frivolity." Karl Lagerfeld said after the show; both frivolity and rebellion are underlying themes of the Cruise collection. The models wore cropped pastel coloured wigs, partnered with strong brows and striking eyeshadows; the jewellery, elaborate, creating a look of grandeur complemented the sweetie shades of the collection. Under the sugar-plum sweetness of the Cruise collection lies a mischievous streak, a rebellious twist (a la Antoinette) that was even evident in the music choice for the show: "Live Fast, Die Young" by M.I.A. The royal vision with a rebellious hip hop edge was channelled during the collection: legendary tweed pieces in pastels with gold trimmings and handbags with chunky gold handles. However, the stand out pieces from the collection were the creepers; seen in pale pink, lilac and metallic gold with large white treads, that victoriously downplayed the regal cruise collection with a streak of mischief. An unexpected approval from fashion royalty of this summer's "flatform" trend, that looks like it may be with us longer than expected.