Autumn is a grand season. It feels like a drawn-out dawn after a great party, with everything slowly getting fresher and crisper. Quintin Co. appreciate this master of a season more than most, as their latest collection attests. My friend recently asked whether mopeds are an outdoor pursuit - this post will hopefully save many from frostbite.

Caps are still the catnip of headwear and boy do these guys know how to make a good one; felt, graphic prints and corduroy tick all the boxes. Think about a frosty morning and try not to make a grabby hand when you see those sweaters too.

The short but sweet video, which you can see below, makes meandering in the woods look more appealing than the impending mulled drinks season - even if, like me, the meandering leads to getting lost.

In short, if you're in a forest at 6am on a Sunday morning and it's bright yet chilly, these guys have got you covered. Waiting for a bus in Peckham at 7am on a Monday? They've still got your back.

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