For those of us that have spent years lusting over the iconic red soles of Louboutin shoes, we may well be in for a chance to get a little of that red on our lips; the infamous designer is set to launch a prestigious beauty range.

Teaming up with Battalure Beauty, who already boast a hefty celebrity client list including Madonna and Justin Bieber, Louboutin hopes to capture the empowering and transformative feeling his shoes give and introduce it into our cosmetics counters through the beauty products. It completes an entire circle of events; the shoemaker was originally inspired by a bottle of bright red enamel and used it to paint the soles of his first designs, now it is only right to return to those roots by ensuring the new range is entirely in keeping lashings of his signature scarlet within the products and packaging.

The designer ensures that the products will be created in an unbeatably high quality, which mirrors the DNA of the brand itself and even claims it is inspired by a 3,300 year-old bust of Queen Nefertiti at Berlin’s Neues Museum. Louboutin has said he found the bust so entrancing that he spent almost an hour admiring the beauty and perfect makeup.

Since 1991, the ever successful brand has grown from strength to strength and become a well known household name with last year's release of a coffee table book charting his iconic designs and inspirations featuring fans of the brand such as Dita Von Teese and Diane Von Furstenburg. Time Magazine also recently named Louboutin as one of the ‘All Time 100 Fashion Icons’.

Not one to be left behind in the trends, fashion giant Marc Jacobs is also set to launch his own makeup range following the success of his fragrances, stating that he sees it as another important opportunity and understands women’s love of choosing beauty products, describing it as almost ritualistic.

So what can we expect from the range? Although nothing official has been announced, the aptly named Christian Louboutin Beauté is set to produce luxury products across an entire array of makeup and beauty categories and will be available from late 2013.