Chloe Green, the self proclaimed “shoeaholic” and billionaire daughter of Sir Phillip Green has turned her attention to shoe-designing these days. By designing, we of course mean filling in pre printed stencils. Mind you, having left school without even an A Level in Art, let alone any training in the technical process of shoemaking, being sure to colour inside the lines is pretty much the only skill the 20 year old needs to possess to flourish in her father’s shadow.

So how did the shoes turn out? With excessively high heels with super charged platforms, it’s no wonder the reality star is pictured sitting down in most of her promo shots. With eight different styles, named after beloved influences in her life, there is a CJG shoe for every occasion; as long as said occasion has a portable seat and a foot spa to sooth crushed toes at the end of the evening. Some are outrageously showy; the glittery green peep-toed hyper stilettos and the caged silver wedges wouldn’t look out of place in a Lady Gaga video.

Despite this, Chloe has picked up on some of the summer’s best trends- the pastel colours of the Mischa slingback mega wedges would make the perfect accessory to any summer wedding dresses, and the sleek black peep-toes, complete with some carefully placed studding would go down a treat with the right LBD. The turquoise-green sole, which flashes with every footstep, is homage to Chloe’s design hero. Claiming to own over 70 of the cherished designer’s red-soled creations, not only is Green a Louboutin fiend, but she’s also somewhat of a copy cat; the green souls paying homage to her notorious idol. There are some hits and misses, but with plenty of Daddy’s money and a wide fan base, this collection is sure to sell out; it’s only a matter of time before the stencils are out again and Chloe’s donning her felt tips for the next round.