A bag, by definition, is a portable container. But a bag is so much more than just a "receptacle" that we carry with us on a daily basis; a bag is personal. Inside a bag holds the mechanics of the owner's mind - one can tell a lot about a person from the contents of his/her bag.

Personality is the core concept of Edwin Louis London, a handmade bag company for both men and women, created in South West London in 2010,that specialises in backpacks. Edwin Louis takes the traditional concept of the backpack and turns it on its head, challenging the conventional materials, textures and shapes normally used in the creation of rucksacks.

Reflecting the London fashion scene, these backpacks are the perfect marriage of style and practicality. Hand picking the otherwise alien backpack materials of leather, linen and cotton, Edwin Louis brings flair to the simple backpack. The company's first collection, launched this year, exhibits tartan, pinstripe and even candy cane designs, with a price range of £75 to £160. Edwin Louis will stop the word "backpack" stimulating memories of generic nylon monstrosities worn on our backs to school but rather elegant, fashionable extensions of ourselves that will capture interest.

This summer will see the launch of Edwin Louis' bespoke service, an idea which truly sticks to the company's ethos of being unique. With this bespoke service you will have the opportunity to design your ideal bag, choose the fabric, have it tailored to your needs - more pockets for the overly organised or more colour for the more eccentric.

Go on, create a bag that will be a part of you.

Visit the Edwin Louis London website to explore more and be inspired!