Not at all referenced on the catwalk as of late, the rise of the ‘ghetto gurl’ trend has spontaneously combusted on to the fashion scene.

Rihanna and Rita Ora are amongst those celebrities who follow this trend, sporting studded denim cut off shorts, paired with high top trainers or thigh high leather Julia Roberts-in-Pretty Woman-esque boots; they’re weighed down by multiple gold chains, hoop earrings and sovereign rings and often topped off by a SnapBack hat reminiscent of Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel-air. That’s a lot of clobber, huh?

But don't think this trend is overly masculine, the power of the shoe makes or breaks an outfit; pairing this trend with some heels injects that added snap of sass to the outfit, bringing sexy back to the ghetto. It's a comfy trend that has grown with the likes of Supreme, Boy London and Obey producing a cult following and high fashion houses buying into the sneaker scene.

The ghetto doesn't stop at the clothes; ghetto-fabulous talons are in. The longer, brighter and fiercer, the better. Nonetheless, in order to bring this 90s street fashion trend up to date, one must focus on the make up, making it simple and toning it down compared to the rest of the outfit - a bold lip will always suffice albeit paired with neutral eyes.

Preach the ghetto fashion gospel.