Denim is something that will never go out of fashion, whether a good pair of jeans, a denim jacket or shirt, it is versatile, comfy and relaxed. Zoe Jervoise of Jervoise jackets has embraced the diversity denim offers and created a unique and vibrant line. With her love for vintage clothing, the message of Jervoise is the idea of renewal and regeneration of something old into something desirable. Having already been established for a few years, celebrities have coveted the pieces, from Marina and the Diamonds to Ellie Goulding, and it is now our turn to incorporate some Jervoise into our lives as her newest diffusion line launches at ASOS.

The new collection has a range of jackets, denim shirts and shorts all with snippits of the Jervoise tapestry sown on. Not only does this combine lots of key trends for Spring/Summer, with patterns, vibrant colours and 90s shapes, this collection has a story, a background and demonstrates some serious skill. Here Zoe reveals a bit more to the story of Jervoise and an insight into the life of a fresh, young,designer.

Tell me about Jervoise, where did it all begin?

I've been making tapestry with my Mum for years and our family house is covered in the "Jervoise style" tapestries on cushions and anything else we could find to cover. I always wanted to be involved with fashion and dreamt of having my own label. I decided to merge the two together having always loved denim and its durability in wear and in fashion.

Have you had any other experience with other design houses?

I worked at Jasper Conran for a bit as a textile assistant and learnt more then I could have hoped for. I got such an insight into the methods and business of a fashion brand, I think working on the job is the best way to learn.

What is a typical day like at Jervoise designs?

It can be anything from sewing hundreds of diffusion patches on to vintage denim to visiting vintage factories/shops, designing and sewing bespoke pieces and many more. I always have to have my music playing to keep me going.

Any particular inspirations?

I always get asked this question and never really know what to say as everything and anything can inspire me! Whether it be a person or a piece of music, a flyer I pick up on the tube or a piece of ancient pottery, there is inspiration everywhere you look.

You have previously collaborated with Topshop, now Asos; do you have a dream collaboration in mind?

There are lots of people I'd like to collaborate with in the fashion world, I'd like to collaborate with a denim brand like Levis or Lee, I find their history amazing. I think it would also be really interesting to go into homeware and interiors too.

Where do you see your designs featuring in a girls' wardrobe for spring?

The Jervoise collection is a "must have" for the festival season, I get a lot of inspiration from festivals and Jervoise has the "effortless cool" that everyone wants to achieve at festivals (or rather you have no choice in the matter). At the same time, the collection is versatile and can be dressed up for nights out when mixed with the right items; I think leather and denim are a great look together.

You have had many a celebrity wearing Jervoise, any dream customers?

I'd love someone like Alison Mossart from The Kills to wear my designs; I love her style. Boy wise, Kings of Leon would be great!

Describe the Jervoise collection in a few words

Unique, vibrant, effortless.

Finally, any Future plans? Anything exciting to share with us?

I'm currently designing the new collection, which I'm expanding into other fabrics and designs, mixing vintage and recycled with the new.

You can buy Zoe's designs at ASOS now, starting at a modest £30.