They've got fashion bloggers undecided; are they fugly (fashionably ugly) or are they ingenious? The wedge trainer debuted to reviews on both sides of the fence, however this trend is most definitely a "grower", shown by the fact that more and more designers are releasing their take on the shoe. Arguably, the trend started a little over a year ago with Ash releasing their converse-inspired, black canvas shoe with white rubber wedge heel, however with the rise of the high-top, it is French designer Isabel Marant that brought high top wedge trainers into the fashion forefront. Marant's famous "Willow" leather and suede wedge trainers have been seen on Beyonce, who wore an all-black pair in her "Love On Top" music video, and Miranda Kerr to name but a few.

The wedge trainer fits perfectly into the 'sports luxe' trend and is ideal for those who don't feel as comfortable "slumming it" in a pair of regular trainers - the wedge trainer makes one still feel feminine whist executing an everyday informal look. Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Topshop have bought into the trend and wedge trainers play a major role in New Look's Autumn-Winter 2012 collection, which means everyone can get a chance to judge/buy into the trend.