She creates figure-hugging dresses, in high gloss; so figure hugging in fact that they look like they've been painted on the female body, but what's so different about Atsuko Kudo? Her USP is that these creations are exclusively made out of latex. A name known to few, but those few just happen to be huge names; she's worked closely with Lady Gaga on music videos, tour outfits, creating a Jade Green latex pencil skirt suit which she wore to her appearance on the Jonathan Ross show and the red latex extravaganza in which she sang at the Royal Variety performance in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen. In addition she collaborated some pieces with Nicola Formichetti for the Thierry Mugler Autumn-Winter 2011 collection.

Kudo is bridging the gap between fetish and fashion, creating wearable pieces out of the unconventional, almost taboo material; bringing latex clothing into mainstream fashion. Kudo herself states that "latex empowers women… when you wear latex you feel special like a super-woman"; the clothing certainly screams confidence, from Jessica Rabbit-esque curve enhancing, cleavage creating, floor length pieces to handbags, leggings and socks with a wide variety of colours and trimmings available.

Latex couture designs are for the more daring, but even a woman of the most timid character will stand tall and sure of herself in a latex creation. All of the products are hand made in Atsuko Kudo's London studio, seeking to celebrate the female body and its innate sexuality.

They are available from and the Atsuko Kudo shop in Islington.