Alongside our love of all things 'music & culture', we also have a soft spot for cycling; so much so that our Photographer Editor is set to cycle a section of the Tour de France this Summer. Ok, so not all of us have the energy/thighs to do what he's doing, but the latest range of cycling gear from Levi's certainly make us wish we did.

The Levi's Commuter Series is a "multi-functional performance product designed for cyclists all over the world."

Essentially they've created a range of clothing that cyclists can wear without looking likes the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has thrown up all over them. Unfortunately the range doesn't include a brightly coloured hat, so feel free to match the range with a charity shop classic (we suggest wearing a helmet rather than a tight hat though).

Have a look at the video below (which features music from 405 favourite Grimes) to get a feel for the collection, and head here for a more detailed analysis.