A magician in the world of fashion and creator of iconic, show stopping dresses, Roland Mouret is a man with a gift. The designer's dresses create perfect curves with a sought after blend of class and seduction, which is exactly why a myriad of celebrities have been spotted wearing Roland Mouret dresses on the red carpet, from Cameron Diaz to Jennifer Lopez. When Victoria Beckham wore the "Moon" dress, it sold out within days at Harvey Nichols and the release of the famous "Galaxy" dress in 2005 saw celebrity after celebrity jumping at the chance to be pictures in one of the so called "dress of the season".

Nevertheless, the latest celebrity to be snapped in a Roland Mouret dress was not an actress nor a singer but Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. She wore an ivory, floor length "Lombard" piece, complete with a demure slit and delicate folds, from Mouret's Autumn-Winter 2009 collection, a dress which shot down criticism that the Duchess was not "princessy enough" with reference to her usual conservative style choices. The designer spoke to Grazia magazine stating that "the duchess has an elegance and timeless beauty that is a breath of fresh air. It is an honour to be a part of her journey." Roland Mouret, the man who understands the female figure so well that he creates pieces that attract attention in the right way, and celebrate the feminine form.