The music in a fashion show is as important as the outfits, designers claim, and the right soundtrack can sometimes make or break the show’s success. But it goes the other way too. When Christopher Kane introduced the haunting sounds of Lana Del Rey’s Video Games during his spring/summer 2012 show, he made her a name that everyone in fashion wanted to know about, both for her music and style.

Most designers choose upbeat dance tracks to get the audience’s attention, while others go for uncluttered soundscape with a more subdued vibe. Either way, runaway music is about having the raddest tunes, be it nostalgic songs from decades past or tracks from modern day artists we've haven't heard of yet. With so many swimwear fashion weeks just around the corner, here’s a round up of stellar, sun-soaked tunes, from surf-pop siren Bethany Cosentino to a bunch of beach-themed bands -Surfer Blood, Wavves, Beach Fossils – to inspire those still scrambling to find the perfect song selections.