Already we are in the midst of October and as the weather gets colder,we are once again left with the comedown from Spring/Summer Fashion Week; the glitz and glamour fade away and we are left to live vicariously through the catwalk photos of what has been debuted this year. As the excitement leaves, I must admit that i’m also left with a sense of confusion, if not a slight tinge of resentment that we have just been shown collections of beautiful clothes that we now have to wait at least 8 months before wearing; let’s face it, LFW is just a tease.

So what did we learn this year? The spotlight was on London to deliver and that it did.

    London, ever the rebel, finally showed a backlash from the popularity of the celebrity front row. I love a good celeb watch but unlike other fashion weeks (NY...ahem), London gracefully demonstrated that fashion week is not about fame or whose PR has managed to secure themselves a seat, but the quality of the designers work. You stay classy London!
    Erdem continues to surprise me with its constant re-invention of floral print that it somehow still makes current. The futuristic designs balanced the delicate floral embroidery and pattern , offering a subtle take on the trend in comparison with past years that presented busy and chaotic prints.
    Likewise, Mary Katrantzou showed her use of graphics isn’’t boring just yet, with her introduction of postage stamps and extinct currencies as the new prints for her S/S 2013 collection. The colours were bold, shapes clean and reminisced of romantic holidays in mediterranean historic towns; think a modern Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.
    Pastels were finally kicked out for a palette of vibrant, bold colours. Roksanda Illincic, the queen of colour, introduced a mix of autumnal colours with canary yellow and marl grey, showing summer isn’t just about ice cream shades.
    Burberry also showed it had more to its roster, with models looking good enough to eat, wrapped up in their metallic, shiny coats. Normally kept for Christmas, my inner magpie is pleased we can embrace shiny materials for summer too!
    Possibly the biggest achievement, designers finally accepted the volatility of British summer weather and introduced jackets as a key element to their collections so we can keep warm and protected during the wet summer months. Mulberry, i'm looking at you.
    Gone are the days of gypsy-style fashion, next year we are going to be prim and proper with pencil skirts (check out Preen for the best inspiration) and sharp lines that give a polished, mature look. The Kate Middleton effect has now filtered into fashion but i’m not complaining, I’m so over maxi skirts and their ability to get dirty within a minute of leaving the house; I’ve faced the fact i’m never going to be Esmerelda.

Frustrating I know to swoon over these collections but I’m consoling myself with the fact I can hibernate for the next few months with delicious knitwear such as this Acne jumper.