This was the week that…

1. Wills and Kate Dressed Inappropriately

The ever proper Duchess of Cambridge and her handsome Prince managed to get themselves in a bit of a clothing debacle whilst attending a traditional party on the Soloman Islands earlier in the month. Following an invite to the island’s party, the couple felt it appropriate to wear local dress to the do, however the Royal pair accidentally ended up wearing outfits from the Cook Islands, which in turn caused “incredible frustration” amongst the islanders. The mistake has been blamed on Kethie Sunder, a member of the island’s welcoming committee, who laid out the wrong outfits for the couple. The Government House of the Solomon Islands, has not shyed away from saying exactly who it was who made the mistake, an official stated that “[we] see Kethie as entirely to blame…It was completely inappropriate for her to go into their Royal Highnesses’ room…”.

2. Vogue Banned Underage Models

As part of Vogue’s Health Initiative, which was announced in this June’s issue, all Vogues around the world are working toward a ban on underage models. All model agencies will be asked to provide evidence of the age of their less well-known models, or else they will be unable to appear in Vogue. These steps follow a mistake made by Vogue China, when it featured a 15-year-old model. Angelica Cheung, editor of Vogue China, said of the incident, “It happened under our radars, and we are truly sorry. We will make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Regarding articles or supplements focusing on children’s wear, Conde Nast officials have stated that the ban does not apply to these as they are specifically about “children dressed appropriately in children’s clothing”.

3. Victoria’s Secret and D&G were Racist

Victoria’s Secret has taken action to remove the lingerie giant’s “Go East” collection from its website after the “Sexy Little Geisha” outfit received the wrong kind of attention. The mesh one-piece featuring cut outs and eastern-inspired florals, that comes with a matching fan and chopsticks was described on the VS website as “your ticket to an exotic adventure”, which caused a backlash against the “racist” outfit. Blog, Racialicious expressed its distaste over the sexy number stating, “There’s a long-standing trend to represent Asian women as hypersexualised objects of fantasy, so it’s telling that none of the models wearing the Go East collection appear to be Asian”. Amongst the excitement of Milan Fashion Week, Italian powerbrand Dolce and Gabbana stirred u some controversy at their Spring/Summer 2013 show when Blackamoor imagery was seen in earrings, causing critics to suggest D&G was romanticizing slavery. Dolce and Gabbana claim that the earrings were intended to be a cultural reference to Dolce’s Sicilian heritage and didn’t mean to induce offence.

4. Anna Dello Russo Had That Fabulous Party

Her collection for H&M is unapologetically opulent and extravagant, so one could only expect the launch party for the line to be…huge, and it was. Hosted at the famously fabulous Parisian cabaret club Paradis Latin, with a myriad of celebrity guests, an army on AdR clones slinking around wearing the coveted collection, and AdR arriving on a heart-shaped swing covered in roses, the party was Anna Dello Russo through and through. Oh, and Azealia Banks performed. No big deal.

5. Raf Simons’ Debuted his Collection for Dior

Raf Simons’ long awaited premier collection for Dior as creative director, debuted to rave reviews at Paris Fashion Week. It was Dior, but updated. The ready-to-wear collection featured hints of Dior’s history (the full skirts and the peplum bar jacket) yet also injected into the mix were metallics, draped tops, a refreshingly different take on tailoring all together, and minidresses bursting with colour. Simons’ collection was a perfect, calculated mix of his minimalist work at Jil Sander and the heritage of Dior, proving his placement as the fashion giant’s creative director was a wise, wise choice.