1.The Bust Up Between Heidi Slimane and Cathy Horyn Began.

The feud between New York Times Fashion critic, Cathy Horyn, and the newly appointed Creative Director of Saint Laurent re-materialised following Slimane's debut for the fashion house earlier this week, to which Horyn was not invited. Horyn penned on her blog that she had "expected more from his debut", and that the pieces "lacked fashion spirit", going on to commend Saint Laurent's competitors including Dior and Givenchy. Slimane retaliated on twitter, posting an open letter in which he attacked the critic's style as well as her writing talent: "I also often hear that her sense of style is seriously challenged...This is totally irrelevant, no one has ever asked for her to be an inspiration to others after all, and likely it would never happen anyway... Insiders argue she is an average writer, and a bit provincial, but I disagree, she did some great things. Her biggest achievement so far is a book about Bill Blass, that I haven't read. It might be terrific, and I'll be happy to recommend it, if it helps the sales." To conclude the public letter Slimane stated, "as far as I'm concerned, she will never get a seat at Saint Laurent, but might get two for one at Dior".

2. Gaga Made Clear Her Opinion of Cathy Horyn.

Ms Horyn is finding it a little too easy to make enemies these days. After her "warning" back in 2011 that Donatella Versace should be "choosier" in who she dresses in the Italian label, following Gaga's Edge of Glory music video in which she was dressed in Versace head- to-toe, the air between Lady Gaga and herself has been tense to say the least. Since Horyn's blog post there have been a couple of statements between the two, attacking each other. Nevertheless, more recently, Gaga fought back, criticising both Horyn and her boyfriend, Art Ortenberg, in a re-written verse of her new song "Cake Like Lady Gaga", which was the soundtrack for Mugler's Sring/Summer 2013 show. Gaga's voice thumped through the speakers, rapping: "Ortenberg you can suck my dick, walk bitch you ain't Lady Gaga...Cathy Horyn your style ain't dick. Walk a mile in these foot-high heels, I run in these you ain't running shit". Ooh fashion's getting catty...

3. That Chanel Bag was Debuted.

We're used to our hearts skipping a beat every time a Chanel bag crosses our eye-line, but Karl Lagerfeld's Spring/Summer 2013 saw our hearts temporarily stop, when a model sauntered by, showcasing a very different Chanel bag...which was nestled in a hula hoop. Lagerfeld stated following the show that the hula hoop is a beach-ready bag, which allows space for a beach towel to be hung over it and you can even stick it in the sand to hang your belongings off of it. The thought of sticking a Chanel in the ground is one that horrifies many, nevertheless, how very Lagerfeld of the label to surprise us in such a way.

4. Louis Vuitton Stole The Show.

Taking place in the courtyard of the Louvre, the show ended in just under nine minutes, meaning those who tried to arrive fashionably late, actually ended up missing the whole show. The models descended from four sets of escalators, in pairs, wearing complimentary sixties styles, inspired by artist, Daniel Buren, and strutted out onto a glossy, yellow and white checkerboard runway. The collection was, as usual, unexpected and the signature LV monogram was not used once in the entirety of the collection, instead Marc Jacobs opted to user the more inconspicuous Damier print to fit in with the grid theme of the show.

5. AdR x H&M Sold Out and Ended Up on eBay.

The much-anticipated Anna Dello Russo Collection for H&M saw queues of eager shoppers forming at 6am on Regents Street, keen to snap up a piece of the limited edition collection. Those who went to the H&M store had 15 minutes to do some damage on the collection, and those shopping online were met with an inten restriction of one item per customer. So popular was the collection that it sold out on line in a matter of 3 hours. Nonetheless, if you weren't lucky enough to get your fashion-hungry hands in a piece, eBay is apparently swimming in the collects, but be prepared to pay much more than the RRP; a turquoise trolley suitcase with gold detail is being sold for £742.39, when its RRP is £99! Well, if you want to procrastinate with fashion, that's the price you pay...